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All movers listed in this website have been screened to assure that they are properly licensed and meet our high standards. We advise consumers to beware of moving companies quoting prices over the internet or over the phone, simply because the lowest price quoted may not be the price you will pay!

If you are moving from NJ to NJ (intrastate), the mover must come to your home to physically look at what items are to be moved and give you a written in person estimate at least 24 hours before you move, with limited exceptions for local moving in NJ for moves under $500.00, a fire or eviction.  

Many movers will quote their minimum price that they charge to do a small move or may quote "Ball Park Prices" by phone, but that is not an in-person estimate. These may not be realistic prices and should not be used for comparing movers because it is impossible for a mover to know the type of furniture that you have, the handling that will be required to maneuver the furniture out of your home and what amount of packing or crating may be required.

Movers are allowed to change the price before they start your move if they did not look at everything in person, or if you agreed to waive the in home estimate or if you have added items. Even a binding price can be changed if you add any items or services to your move! 

GOOD ADVICE: There are some decisions in life that are more important than money. Moving all of your possessions are one of those decisions. Use a reputable mover. Call up the mover and make an appointment for a representative to come to your home for an in-house estimate rather than leaving it to chance.  DO NOT accept an Internet estimate!

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