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Understand Intrastate, Interstate and International Moving Rules

It is important to understand the terminology between intrastate and interstate moving. Licensed movers are regulated for consumer protection, but different rules apply for: 

Intrastate moving or local, means that your new residence will be in the same state, regardless of the number of miles that you are moving. The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs is the regulatory body that issues licenses to NJ public movers. For moving with-in the State of New Jersey, movers must come to your home and give you a written estimate and a brochure titled 'Important Notice to Consumers Using Public Movers' .

Interstate moving or long distance, means that your new residence is located in a different state. Movers are regulated by the US Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Bureau. Your mover must be have a current DOT and MC number for interstate moving. Since different rules apply, the mover must give you the brochures titled "Your Rights and Responsibilities for Interstate Moving" and a check list called 'Ready to Move'. For more info, visit the American Moving and Storage Association at: www.moving.org. or 

International moving, also called overseas moving, means you are moving out of the contiguous 48 states, to Alaska, Hawaii or to another country. These types of moves are regulated, and the mover must be registered with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC);  For your protection be sure the mover you use is a NJ licensed mover with international affiliations in the "International Association of Movers" (IAM). Also there usually is no insurance or minimum liability offered by the carrier for international moving unless you request insurance. You should contact the consulate for the country to which you are moving; you should find them at; www.un.org. Click to download the International moving brochure from the FMC

The NJWMA is comprised of licensed moving companies that perform all aspects of moving within the State of New Jersey. Many of these companies may also be licensed to perform long distance moves under their own authority; Some companies may represent a van line and serve as an agent for their long distance or international moving, however, most information regarding rules and regulations in this web site deals mostly with Intrastate moving with-in the State of NJ. 


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