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Sometime you can't move directly into your new home, you must put your things into storage. Not all movers provide storage for your goods, so be sure your mover is licensed for storage.

The mover will write the warehouse location where your goods will be stored on your estimate; you should visit the mover's facility. The mover will inventory all items that you put into storage and issue you a warehouse receipt. If there are any items that you will need access to before the others, tell the estimator to write it on your estimate and advise the mover to create a separate inventory. The mover will hold all items for you indefinably, as long as you pay your monthly storage bill, until you are ready to have your shipment delivered from storage. The mover's liability will be the same as you requested on the order for service and bill of lading until you accept delivery, as long as you continue using the same mover within NJ. Storage rates are subject to change, but the mover must give you 30 days advanced notice. Tell the mover how long you anticipate keeping your goods in storage because different rules, rates and insurance may apply to long term or short term storage. If you will be moving out of NJ, interstate rules will apply to your shipment.


Some movers may not offer storage, but they can move your items into or out of self storage, but you must reserve the self storage facility in your name. Self-storage is not regulated so you must make arrangements for insurance coverage. We recommend this type of storage for situations where you may need to access your items in storage at off hours, Sundays or Holidays when movers may not be available, or if your mover does not have storage available. You must provide blankets or substitutes for protecting furniture that will be stacked in the unit. Advise your mover of any time restrictions at the storage facility, what floor it is on, etc. Some units may not be accessible by large tractor-trailer, so ask the self storage agent if they are aware of any past problems with large trucks or other delays could increase the cost of your move, be sure to advise your mover. It is the customer's responsibility to stay at the storage unit until the movers are finished to sign for the services and lock your unit. Since this is your final destination, movers are not responsible for damage after delivery into the storage unit is completed.

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GOOD ADVICE: There are some decisions in life that are more important than money. Moving all of your possessions are one of those decisions. Use a reputable mover. Call up the mover and make an appointment for him to come to your home for an in-house estimate rather than leaving it to chance.


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