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Common complaints and what you can do to avoid them


Often times price disputes are a result of accepting a phone or internet quote from the lowest bidder instead of contacting a licensed professional to perform a free in-home estimate. In home estimators will present you with a written estimate outlining and explaining all the charges you will incur. Make sure to review the paperwork before you sign, check your moving dates and be sure the mover included all services needed such as special crating or additional packing. Stay in touch with your mover and check in prior to your move day if the scope has changed in any way, i.e. you didn’t get all the packing you had hoped done or you sold more furniture than you originally discussed. All these things can impact cost.


Sometimes even the best moving companies can have loss or damage; accidents happen. You should notify the mover and write your remarks on the bill of lading at the end of the move, be sure you receive copies of all papers that you sign. Written claims must be filed within 90 days.

Damage and loss claims are settled based on the coverage selected by you the consumer. If you selected option 1, legal liability of $1.00 per pound per article, your mover may repair the damage or pay you based on the weight. Remember, this is very minimal coverage.

Option 2, your mover may repair the damage or pay you based on the fair market value of the item(s) damaged, less applicable deductible.

Option 3, notify your mover about filing a claim; if it’s a minor claim, the mover will usually settle it, but a large claim will involve the mover and the insurance carrier, and different deductible may apply.

Regardless of which option you choose, do not discard the damaged item or cartons, and do not repair damage items; give the mover the opportunity to resolve your claim, they want you to be a satisfied customer!

It is important to understand that movers are not responsible for jewelry, documents, money, and other high value items unless they are specifically noted on your contract and shown to the mover prior to loading.

We advise you to move those items along with medications, mementos and family photos yourself.

Also important to note -movers are not responsible for damage to contents of boxes packed by you. They are only responsible for boxes they pack and unpack. Talk to your mover prior to moving with any questions.  Please realize that movers try to prevent damage!

Some decisions in life should not be based on cost – exposing your family and the possessions you have spent a lifetime accruing should be one of those decisions. Before you give everything you own to people you do not know, do your research and ask questions because once your possessions are on their truck it is too late to change your mind.

If you have a problem with any licensed mover, you should contact them and give them the opportunity to resolve the issue before filing a complaint. All movers are required to respond. If the mover is a member of NJWMA, and you are not able to resolve an issue, we will contact them on your behalf. Send an email with details to tracy@njwma.org or send a letter to New Jersey Warehouse & Movers Association, 758 Congress Street, Toms River NJ 08753 – (732) 341-3934.



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