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Moving within NJ

All NJ movers must have a NJ license, not just a DOT or MC;  
Check if the mover has a license and it is not expired: NJ Division of Consumer Affairs

If you are relocating intrastate (NJ to NJ), movers must provide a written virtual or in-home estimate. Have an estimator view all items to be moved and identify any issues affecting the final cost. Virtual estimates should not be used for comparing companies.

A mover may quote their minimum price or “ballpark” for a small move by phone, but that’s not close to the accuracy of an in-person estimate to view the contents of items that must be maneuvered out of your home any packing or crating that may affect the cost.

We advise consumers to beware of moving companies quoting prices over the internet or the phone because the lowest price quoted may differ from what you will pay!

You can trust the movers listed on njmovers.com’s website since they have been vetted to be appropriately licensed by the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs.

Be aware of the red flags of hiring the wrong company from the Better Business Bureau to avoid moving scams!

You can trust the movers listed on this site, and they have been vetted to ensure they are properly licensed and meet industry standards.

Tip: Movers are legally allowed to ask for payment before they unload your furniture if the scope of your move changes from the original written estimate.  If the mover did not do an in person estimate at your home, or if you agreed to waive the in-home estimate, or, if more items need to be packed, then the estimate or binding price can be changed.

Ask for a new estimate: Most movers would be more than happy to visit your home again and provide a revised estimate, because it will save you the problems of disputing the final price, and the mover will be able to issue a new estimate for the man power or material that will be needed for a successful move !