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Tips for Shipping Your Car

Tips For Shipping Your Car 1.   Schedule early2.   Be Flexible - Be Patient3.   Do your research4.   Pick a reliable company5.   Choose the right shipping method and the right price for your vehicle6.   Get a contract / Check insurance coverage7.   Clean your car8.  ...

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Choosing the Right Floor Plan for Your Move

Choosing the Right Floor Plan for Your Move. You don’t need to be an expert in designing a house floor plan. Whether you are getting ready to design your floor plan with an architect or you are house hunting for the perfect home, it’s important to know what to...

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How to Prepare for an Interstate Move

HOW TO PREPARE FOR AN INTERSTATE MOVE  You have decided it's time to move and choose to move out of state.  The most common reasons people make the decision are for a new job, retirement, climate, or to be closer to family.  Whatever your reason, how do you get the...

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Storage While Moving –  What is Right for You?

Storage While Moving –  What is Right for You?   During the moving process, it is not unlikely that a need for storage may arise.  You may encounter a scenario where you need to be out of one home, but the new home is not yet ready. You may be staying in a...

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Moving With Pets

Moving With Pets Moving can be a stressful time for everyone…INCLUDING YOUR PETS!  Here are 5 easy steps to ensure your pet has a smooth transition to your new home! Plan ahead!  Moving with a pet can cause them additional stress.  If you plan ahead, you can avoid...

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