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Our news section contains all the latest news regarding the moving industry in New Jersey. It also contains helpful moving advice from the professionals and the New Jersey Warehousemen and Movers Association.

Membership Reminder

MEMBERSHIP REMINDER Membership in NJWMA is good for your business; we offer training and programs in addition to advocacy and other benefits. To keep your free listing active on, you must comply with membership requirements; Your mover’s...

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Paid Sick Leave Law – Now in Effect in NJ!

Paid Sick Leave Law Now in Effect in New Jersey! Paid sick time should be recorded and tracked as a separate payroll item. It is best if paid sick hours are printed on the employee paystub so workers can see how much time has been used or is eligible to be...

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Thank you for the positive feedback!

"Tracy, I sure did had a good time and surly took a lot from the members and the speakers. Looking forward for the next event, will take a look at the pictures as well. All the best! Allen, Shleppers M/S"   "Hi Tracy,  I just wanted to take a second to say...

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How to introduce GPS tracking to employees

How to introduce GPS tracking to employees When it comes to implementing GPS tracking technology, a common challenge fleets face has nothing to do with the software or hardware itself. It's actually introducing the technology to veteran employees. Although...

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