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Our news section contains all the latest news regarding the moving industry in New Jersey. It also contains helpful moving advice from the professionals and the New Jersey Warehousemen and Movers Association.

The 50 Fastest-growing Cities Americans are Flocking To

The 10 Fastest-growing Cities Americans are Flocking To Each year, roughly 40 million Americans, or about 14 percent of the U.S. population, move at least once. Much of that movement includes younger people relocating within cities, but it is trends of...

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Rules on 20% Small Business Tax Deduction Released

Small Business Moving Companies.....Thousands of businesses can now find out if they will be eligible for the 20 percent small business tax deduction included in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The U.S. Department of Treasury and the IRS issued proposed...

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NJ Movers License Renewal

NJ Movers License Renewal IMPORTANT: NJ Public Mover's license renewal notices have been mailed to all movers. All renewals will be online, no paper renewals accepted.  All licenses expire on September 30, 2018, so renew as soon as possible. Late renewals...

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Consumer Reports on Robocalls & Spoofed phone numbers

Consumer Reports on Robocalls & Spoofed phone numbers If it seems as though you've been getting more annoying automated phone calls than ever before, it's because you probably have. In 2017 alone, more than 30 billion robocalls were made in the U.S.,...

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