“Tracy, I sure did had a good time and surly took a lot from the members and the speakers. Looking forward for the next event, will take a look at the pictures as well. All the best! Allen, Shleppers M/S”


“Hi Tracy, 
I just wanted to take a second to say THANK YOU for this year’s convention.  I had such a great time. 
The speakers were so engaging and informative.  In fact, as soon as I got back to my room on Thursday, I ordered Ethan’s book from Amazon.  There was just so much great information being provided – it was really valuable.  I’m so glad I came this year.  
I also wanted to recognize your efforts.  You worked your butt off to ensure it was fantastic for everyone.  And it was!  From karaoke night to the agenda, to dinner and the comedian, you bent over backwards, and it was so appreciated.
Hope you’re having a great Tuesday.  I hope to speak to you soon.
Thanks, Tracee Wilcox, Human Resources Manager
Budd Van Lines, Corporate Headquarters”