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What Licensing Means

The NJ Division of Consumer Affairs registers movers, monitor the activities of those movers, and punishes those who violate the law. Without effective regulation of moving companies, every customer could be a potential victim. NJ law provides standards by which moving companies must abide, including minimum insurance coverage, fitness standards, uniform contract requirements and claims procedures.

Licensed moving companies are tax paying companies that provide jobs and obey the law. However, there are many, many unethical and unlicensed movers that prey on unsuspecting customers, especially at the height of the busy summer moving season. Regulation of household goods movers helps protect the public.

Since consumers allow strangers to come into their home or office, load everything they own into a truck, drive away with all their possessions, and trust they will be delivered in a timely manner to their new home or office in good condition at the price they agreed upon, it’s important to hire a licensed mover.


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