ATRI’s Newest Operational Costs Research Documents Costliest Year Ever in Trucking

ATRI recently released the 2022 update to its annual Operational Costs of Trucking research, which provides detailed breakdowns of numerous line-item costs by fleet size and sector.

Using real-world data from for-hire motor carriers, this year’s Ops Costs research found that trucking’s total marginal cost grew by 12.7 percent in 2021 to $1.855 per mile, the highest on record since ATRI first published an Ops Costs report in 2008. Leading contributors to this increase were fuel, repair and maintenance, and driver wages.

You can download the report through ATRI’s website here.

For the first time this year, participating motor carriers were provided with a customized report comparing their cost metrics to peer fleets of the same size and sector. If you’re interested in providing data for next year’s analysis, please contact Alex Leslie at 


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