Benchmarking Movers’ Costs

In past years, ATRI has not had enough participation from HHG carriers to generate a separate analysis of HHG costs, but with enough participation this year ATRI will be able to produce customized reports that compare movers submitted costs to other anonymized HHG carriers, providing a sector-specific benchmarking tool. Additionally, each company that submits its data will receive a customized report that directly compares their costs and operations to an anonymized peer group of the same size and sector, providing for even more tailored benchmarking. 
To make this happen we need as many movers as possible to complete the ATRI data collection. The deadline to provide operational cost data to ATRI by Friday, April 26.  ATRI’s data collection form is available online here, along with a sample customized report and FAQ.  All confidential information is protected, and it is published only in anonymized, aggregate form. Movers should ensure they check the “Household Goods” box in Question 10 so their data is included in the sector-specific analysis. 

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