Congratulations Tracy Brito Denora on your 20th anniversary with NJWMA!

A Message From NJWMA’s Vice-President, Karen Mantzouranis:

 “It’s a special milestone that we couldn’t let pass without highlighting your wonderful contributions to our industry. Your commitment and dedication to the mover and associate members is unparalleled and we are so lucky to have you as our Executive Director.

It is hard to sum up all your accomplishments and contributions in one article. From the fabulous conventions you coordinate and oversee to most recently you’re launching the Movers for Consumers campaign.  Your support and advocacy for movers and your drive to protect consumers and have mover members show in the most favorable light is a true passion. Your spotlighting NJWMA on a national stage and helping us to get the respect of other state agencies and boards would not have happened without your stewardship.

You always go above and beyond for anyone who asks a question or needs guidance and support. You help to mentor new movers, advocate for our industry with the DCA and are relentless in your pursuit to remove unlicensed movers.

You have a way of making everyone feel special; we can’t express just how valued and appreciated you are by everyone.  I can go on and on and express my personal love and affection for her but that wouldn’t be news….here is what the board members she serves and works closely with have to say.”…

No matter what Tracy does, she does it perfectly.  She has always made me feel welcomed and appreciated. –  Chuck Smiley

 Tracy has a knack for visiting with 100 people at a convention and making 75 of them feel they made her day! She has the skill set to notice who needs some help mingling in the room and sets out and helps them.  She has the ability to laugh at herself while putting everyone around her at ease in a group setting. She’s a good listener and very good at following through.  – Dick Scaffa

 Tracy arranged for my wife, older daughter, and son-in-law, to be at the convention when I was given the Lifetime Achievement Award. I was both surprised and moved. She knows how to keep a secret! – Ed Odell

 My favorite thing about Tracy is that she is so passionate about our Association. From day one, she has been committed to seeing that everything we do is for the better of our association,  industry and the consumer.  She has worked very hard to earn a great reputation in our industry.  – Robert Kandetzke

 “I will always remember walking into the NJWMA Annual Conference.  As a first-time associate member attendee, I did not know one other person attending.  To say I was intimidated would be an understatement…but it all changed the moment I walked through the doors and was greeted with Tracy’s incredibly warm smile and an outpouring of care and attention.  Throughout that first convention, Tracy seemingly made it her mission to make me as comfortable as possible and certainly “included” with the rest of the long-standing membership.  I certainly knew what she did for me was special at the time, but over time I quickly realized it wasn’t just me or just the first year….Tracy treats every member “special” at every opportunity.“ – Michael P. Egan, Jr., CIC

 I’ve seen Tracy grow and exceed at every level at the Association from wearing one hat to wearing them all. It is evident in Tracy’s passion and commitment to our industry that moving has been flowing through her veins since birth. – Mark Quinn

 It is not possible, to sum up what Tracy has done in a few words.  The last three years have brought out what true leadership is.  Tracy had the opportunity to step up to the Executive Director of our Association and that she did.  The board knew Tracy was the true fit; she breaths Moving and Storage. As we all know, Tracy led us through the pandemic.  She is self-motivated and selfless. Tracy gave us daily updates to navigate through the mess upon us. There was much more than that;  The Queen of Zoom, Movers for Consumers and Women Moving Women, to mention a few startups. 

Personally, Tracy was my biggest influence in my role as President.  She made me a better person and leader of the Association. The New Jersey Warehouse and Movers Association are in great hands for years to come. –  Tom Kilduff

 Tracy is truly family to NJWMA. Her family has been involved in our association, starting with her father, Manny being our director for several years and a long-time member of the association. She grew up in this business and understands the difficulties and hard work it takes to have a successful moving company. Her knowledge and experience in our industry have been passed down to her through a lot of good people in our industry, and she will be a good leader and asset to the members of the NJWMA. -Robert Reeves

Tracy is Director Extraordinaire. She handles communications, ads, meetings and convention needs for Victory Packaging seamlessly. We have twenty-five associations we deal with on a regular basis and NJWMA shines above the rest. – Eric Scorzelli

Tracy has always been excellent at handling movers or consumers calling the office with a problem or question. She would tell consumers to avoid moving with a rogue and to find licensed movers on our website that will give a realistic estimate. A few loved her so much, they kept calling back with more questions.  She had the patience to keep promoting NJWMA movers.  Occasionally, a return caller would say, ‘they’re all so expensive’, she would tell them that if you get burned; call the DCA; there’s nothing else we can do to help.  She truly loves our movers! – Bob Russo

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