Planning is the key to downsizing.
      a.  Budget time to go over & sort through your belongings. You should do these months in advance.
      b.  Write out a plan for sorting and researching local places that accept donations, such as  Goodwill and
            Thrift Shops. Also, consider having a yard sale.
      c.  Make a floor layout of your new location & measure furniture to make sure it fits.

Start the process months in advance. This makes the process less daunting & can even be fun by having family & friends assist. You can also hire a professional service to assist.

Begin with your least used room and go room to room until complete. Get rid of duplicates and broken and unwanted items. Go through your items and sort:

  • What you want to keep
  • What to donate or give to family & friends
  • What to dispose of
  • What to sell via garage sale, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace.

Planning in advance will reduce stress, save money, and make your life easier.

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Blog Submission: Bob Reeves, Sinclair Moving & Storage, and NJWMA Board of Directors.

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