Downsizing? Will it fit?

At any stage of your life, downsizing your home can be the right move you make. However, that does come with some stress… worrying if it will all fit!

BEFORE moving day, try some of the following tips to lessen your concern.

1.   Determine what you can keep. Walk through each room; if it wasn’t utilized, don’t take it.

2.  Use tape. It’s hard to visualize how your current furniture will work in your new space. Put painter’s tape on the floor with the exact measurement of your future room size. Then measure all the furniture you want to bring with you; with the tape, mark out the size of the furniture you plan on putting in the new space. This will give you an idea of what it will look like and if the room will be too cramped.

3.  Consider comfort and long-term useability. As we get older, getting in and out of low deep sofas becomes more difficult; think about how the furniture will grow with you.

4.  Rule of thumb when purging. If you haven’t used the item in one year…toss it, and don’t be afraid to part ways. Go through every cabinet, shelf, and closet. Only pack the things you couldn’t live without. For instance, if you use a spatula every other day, it stays, but the egg slicer is only random, then out it goes. There are many places you can donate your unwanted items or even sell them online.


New Jersey Warehouse and Movers Association –

Blog Submission; Tracy Denora,  NJWMA Executive Director


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