How to Choose a Quality Mover

Ok, you just signed a contract on a new home or apartment.  Now it’s time to determine how you will get your belongings from point A to point B.  You may think, WOW, how does this process work?  What about all the horror stories you have heard, or maybe you had a bad experience yourself?

There are many things to consider when hiring a QUALITY MOVING COMPANY.  Below you will find ten useful suggestions to help:

1.  Do your homework.  You may be inundated with moving companies reaching out to you.  Ask a friend who may have recently moved; check with the NJ Division of Consumers Affairs, the New Jersey Warehouse & Movers Association, or the Better Business Bureau.  You want to know if your mover is licensed to make your move, whether local (intrastate) or long-distance (interstate).

2.  Select 2-3 moving companies to call upon.  Sometimes more makes things confusing.

3.  Request an in-home or virtual estimate to be performed.

4.  Be prepared.  You will want to be organized with what you want to move.  You must request the same services from all the movers you select for an estimate.

5.  Ensure you receive a detailed, easy-to-read inventory from each company.  A quality moving company will supply this without being asked.

6.  The considered moving companies will now supply you with a detailed cost estimate.  Most prospective customers will go directly to the bottom line.  Isn’t that why you called for an estimate?  This is where things could go wrong.  Above, I mention being sure to tell each mover the same thing. Go line by line on the estimate.  Do you understand each line item and cost?  If not, be sure it’s fully explained.

7.  Be sure you understand the valuation coverage offered.  There is a minimum requirement that a mover must provide.  Is this enough coverage for you?

8.  Before you hire, ask about logistics.  Is this a one-day move?  If you requested a packing service, when will this take place?  Communication is key to a great move.

9.  Payment of services!!  A legitimate moving company will not ask for any large amount of money upfront.

10. Feel 100% satisfied that you are selecting the right mover.  If something doesn’t feel right, it most likely isn’t.

Keep an eye out for RED FLAGS:

  • Mover has not done a physical or visual survey.
  • No license number and business address are shown on any paperwork supplied.
  • Mover asks for a large deposit to schedule the move.
  • Mover requests you to wire money for a deposit.

Lastly, avoid requesting recommendations from online forums; 8 out of 10 referrals are unlicensed companies.

If you have any questions or concerns about your next move, you can contact New Jersey Warehouse and Movers Association –

Blog Submission: Tom Kilduff – Sales Manager,  SeaCure Moving and NJWMA Chairman


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