Label Your Boxes When Moving

Label Your Boxes When Moving

Moving can be very stressful in itself. Hiring a reputable mover can eliminate most stress simply because they take the burden off your hands. A typical three-bedroom, two-bath home with a two-car garage will take up most of a full-size moving truck, depending on how many children you have. If you just packed and loaded a truck with plain brown boxes, that would be quick and easy until they got to your new destination. Once they were unloaded, your stress level would be through the roof, trying to figure out what was in each box.

A professional mover who cares about the customer’s overall experience would never pack your items in plain brown boxes and deliver them as such. They would pack your home by room and label each box by room, including contents. So, when the boxes are delivered to your new destination safely, they are placed in the correct room of the house. You can quickly determine what is inside the box because it is clearly listed on the label.

Carefully packing and labeling boxes is the key to a stress-free move. While packing your boxes, a professional mover will always put the heavier items into smaller boxes. This allows for ease of lifting by the homeowner once they arrive at your final destination. It is very easy for a professional mover to lift heavy objects, but they do not expect the customer to have to do the same.

If you are moving an office building with many different offices and or cubicles, a professional mover will take it one step further by color-coding the boxes. They will still label the box and list the contents outside the box. However, they will add a color-coded sticker to ensure that all the contents of that specific office stay together during the move. Commercial movers use color-coded labels to maintain organization and make it easier to keep the contents of the office together once the boxes arrive at the new location.

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