“Movers” who hold your belongings hostage and demand more money.

Beware of “movers” who hold your belongings hostage and demand more money before delivering your goods.

 Do your research and find out about the mover you are looking to hire.

 Some simple steps in looking for a Mover will help you avoid this scenario.  Ask for recommendations from friends, family or other known entities who can attest for the Mover. Facebook recommendations are also useful but make sure the person referring is trustworthy.  You may also ask the Mover for a referral list of people you can contact to verify a successful move with them. Check review sites such as the BBB, Google, and website pages. Check with the NJ Division of Consumers Affairs for a local move and the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration for interstate moves.  

***Know the physical location of the Mover you are hiring! ***

Pack with vacuum bags!