Moving Internationally

Common problems when moving internationally are needing more understanding of your move and needing to prepare. Do your homework before you hire the mover. Moving is stressful, but even more when you are moving internationally.

You want to choose your mover at least three months in advance and schedule it two months before your move date. You want to be able to give your mover time to access your needs and help you figure out what’s best for your budget. The International Association of Movers (IAM),, is a great resource when moving abroad.  Ensure the moving company you hired is licensed or registered with the Federal Maritime Commission.

Get three onsite or virtual estimates, don’t automatically select the cheapest quote for service; read the fine print of all the paperwork the mover is providing.

Review all the insurance coverage terms and conditions, request a copy of the insurance coverage the mover is providing, and make sure the mover signs the documents you received. Many moving companies will only offer insurance coverage if the mover packs them.

Be aware of the moving company’s payment and cancellation policy.

Make sure you have all your documents in a safe place so nothing gets misplaced during the move. Be prepared for what you can move and cannot move, which is very important. Understanding when your shipment should arrive and ensuring you have what you need when you come abroad.

This is not your ordinary move; the more you pay attention to details, the more you will set yourself up for successful relocation.

Blog Submission: Julius Strickland, Olympia Moving & Storage and NJWMA Board Member.

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