Moving With Pets

Moving can be a stressful time for everyone…INCLUDING YOUR PETS!  Here are 5 easy steps to ensure your pet has a smooth transition to your new home!

  1. Plan ahead!  Moving with a pet can cause them additional stress.  If you plan ahead, you can avoid major changes in routine, keep them comfortable and ensure that they feel included in the new move.  Make sure you find a new vet in your new hometown in case of an emergency.
  2. Keep packing supplies and stacked boxes away from pet areas.  These could pose a risk for your pets as they curiously look at these foreign objects, run into them or climb on top of them.  Make sure your pets stay safe and smaller packing materials aren’t ingested.
  3. Ensure your pet has a plan on moving day.  Having pets in the home on your actual moving day is unsafe.  Send them to daycare, have them rest easily at a friend or family member’s house or make plans for them to move first.  Ensure they always have the same food, toys, and place to relax.  This will allow you to focus on your move and not have added stress for your pet.  They can’t get injured or lost if they aren’t home either!
  4. Pet-proof your new home before your pet arrives.  Get everything set up and in place before introducing your pet to your new home.  Ensure they have their area set up with the same bed, bowls, food and toys.  Keeping their items consistent from one home to the next ensures they feel comfortable.
  5. Make sure they feel welcomed and part of the family.  Once your pet is in your new home, don’t forget to focus on them.  You may be most interested in unpacking, getting set up and enjoying your new home and forget to ensure that your pet has a smooth transition.  Plan long walks, playtime and cuddles with them to ensure they feel your love and inclusion in the new space.

New Jersey Warehouse and Movers Association –

Blog Submission: Adam D. Padla, NJWMA Member and President of Booth Movers Ltd.


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