Move For Hunger

Over 38 million Americans face hunger, yet 35% of the food we produce ends up in landfills.

Move for Hunger is an organization that collects unwanted, non-perishable food from relocating residents.   By teaming up with moving companies across the United States, Move for Hunger brings tremendous relief to food-insecure families and communities. 

When people move, they are harried and throw so much food into the garbage.  Move for Hunger founder Adam Lowy recognized this and found a solution to impact the community directly.  Adam, a native of New Jersey, worked at his family’s moving company when he came up with the idea of movers supplying their customers with the boxes as they pack and prepare for their move.  The mover will then deliver the donations to their local food bank.

Adam Lowy approached the New Jersey Warehouse & Movers Association (NJWMA) in 2009 with the Move for Hunger initiative and received great support.  He was now on a mission to spread the word across the nation one mover at a time. Adam did just that in 13 short years by turning the most significant food drive into one of the nation’s year-round service programs, strengthening our communities’ food banks, and influencing millions across the country and beyond.

Move for Hunger partners are socially responsible companies that provide support by organizing food drives and creating awareness of food insecurities within the communities in which we live.  We engage our employees and our customers and colleagues to get involved. 

New Jersey Warehouse and Movers Association –

Blog Submission;
Cindy Myer, NJWMA Board of Director and Owner/President, Ridgewood Moving Services.

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