The AI Buzz in the Moving Industry & What You Can Do to Learn More

The world may have been taken by storm back in 2022 by Chat GPT, but movers believe that adoption will be at its peak in 2024. The Moving Business Trends Report for 2024 revealed that Chat GPT & AI were ranked as the #1 trend to adopt in 2024 to drive business success.

But how exactly should movers be using AI today?

The moving industry sees a lot of speed, cost, and efficiency benefits to using AI in their business. From customer support to marketing and even using AI to assist in sales, there are multiple ways to leverage GPT to save time and reduce errors and resources. The biggest benefit is the scale and speed of growth it offers without adding more resources or team members.

Here are some resources you can tap into to learn more:

  • MOVER MAIGIC | A Video Podcast Series on AI in moving, featuring co-hosts Marcus Henning and Wonjun Jeong.
  • AI Movers Community | A Facebook group for moving company owners and operators to discuss AI and learn from each other.
  • AI Sales Co-Pilot | An upcoming new innovation for moving companies to boost their sales performance in 2024 using AI.

Article Submission: Ryan Marsh, NJWMA Communications Committee Member and Former Mover / Partnerships for Supermove






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