The Items Movers Can’t Move

We all know that moving is very stressful, but how do we prepare to ensure your move goes as planned? We must understand what movers can and can’t take. You may feel like everything has to go, and I will tell you that everyone wants a happy customer. Items such as gasoline, opened liquids, oils, cleaning products, etc., are not allowed because if something leaks, it will damage the box and whatever else is in the truck. Movers won’t always know what is in a box; therefore, some boxes are loaded on their side to fit to make sure the load is tight. Any flammable items such as propane tanks, combustible items, pesticides, aerosols, and fire extinguishers are also not allowed. Movers recommend putting liquids in a box for the customer to take with other nonallowables. I always tell the client before a move that all personal items take as well, such as financial documents, prescriptions, medicines, and jewelry, so when the movers come, things don’t get misplaced. Perishable such as frozen food, produce and live plants. The more a customer understands what they can and can’t do for a move, the more they become knowledgeable about their move. Customers being prepared is just one step to making a seamless move which movers will appreciate making sure you have the best move!

New Jersey Warehouse and Movers Association –

Blog Submission;
Julius Strickland, Olympia Moving & Storage, and  NJWMA Board of Director


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