The Value of Relationships

      If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re an active member of your state’s moving association. Good for you!

     The state moving associations provide excellent opportunities to unite with other brick-and-mortar agents to advocate for the industry and promote best practices. State associations also provide a great network for sharing ideas and for developing business relationships that can be mutually beneficial.

     Over the years I’ve had the privilege of attending several different states’ moving association conventions. It’s always a great opportunity to get in contact with the local businesses that make up the bulk of our industry – the people that are operating the warehouses, running the crews, and sponsoring the local and over-the-road long-distance drivers.

     However, it’s important to also consider expanding your network beyond your state.

     Fortunately, there is an industry group that can help you do that. The International Association of Movers (IAM) has an affiliate group consisting of independent and van line agents who provide the trucks, warehouses, and workers called the DAB Mover Group which was set up to provide a national voice for agents. What is a DAB? DAB stands for Domestic Asset Based Movers, and it consists of independent and van line agents from all over the country who have trucks, crews, and warehouses.

     The group started in late 2020, already has well over 100 members, and is very active within the industry to promote best practices, advocate for regulation that protects customers from rogue operators, and serves as an incredible network of high-quality service providers.

     The IAM Staff lead for the DAB Mover Group is Dan Bradley. I asked Dan about DAB and how it can help agents. He says, “The US DAB mover segment of IAM is a fast-growing and actively engaged group of moving company leaders…independent and van line agents who bring “boots at the curb” assets of trucks, warehouses, and crews to the moving process. They bring their expertise and extensive backgrounds together to help give a voice to US Asset-Based movers.”

     There is an easy camaraderie among the members due to the similar challenges they face. Dan adds, “This is a group that looks out for other asset-based movers like them. People who willingly share their experiences on growing their business, developing their staff, and resolving their various business challenges. DAB Movers find opportunities to network with other US movers via regularly scheduled “DAB Hour” webcasts; through the “DAB Track” at IAM’s annual meeting; via tools like our DAB Digest newsletter; and whenever a group of US DABs get together at various other meetings or conferences.”

     All of these kinds of interactions are truly valuable to those agents that are looking to provide best-in-class service and are trying to diversify their business into other sales verticals. “Join the DAB and take advantage of not only the wealth of experience as you engage your fellow DABs, but also the many IAM programs that support your business. If you want to learn more, reach out to me ( and I’ll get you connected with the right people to answer your questions and provide you with the insight you’re looking for. At IAM, we’re not just an Association for international movers. We’re an international association that represents all movers…US or overseas.”

     Participation in your state associations and groups like IAM’s DAB Mover Group can open a lot of doors for your company. Expanding your network to include more like-minded movers can have a great impact on your business as those relationships will pay dividends to your business and your bottom line for years to come.

 Written by: Tim Helenthal, National Van Lines Chairman & CEO



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