Getting Ready to Pack? Try Vacuum Bags!

The use of vacuum bags for moving is a great way to pack a lot of beloningings without taking up much space. These storage bags contain a gasket-sealed port, which will enable you to place a vacuum tool into the bag to suck out the air; thus compressing the items within. When you do this, you’ll drastically reduce the amount of space you clothing and other soft goods takes up. Here’s some great ideas for you to try:

Clothing: When packed in moving boxes or luggage, each clothing piece traps layers of air in between. This air creates excess bulk and makes it hard to be efficient when trying to save space. When you vacuum pack your clothes, you reduce what would typically be five or six boxes into one bag — that’s an impressive amount of space savings!

Bed Sheets and Comforters: Vacuum bagging bulky bed sheets and comforters will save you a significant amount of space. You’d be amazed at how much a down comforter shrinks down when you take the excess air out of it.

Save your food: While not necessarily a space-saving tip, you can extend the life of perishable foods by sealing them in an air-tight environment.

Using these innovative bags are easy! All you need is the bag and a vacuum with a hose/tool extension. Simply fold and pack your items as neatly as possible inside the bag, then seal the bag. Finally, place your vacuum tool in the specially designed port and flip the switch. In a few seconds, you’ll have a compressed bag which is ready to be stored in a moving box.

The amount of space you’ll save will amaze you.

Pack with vacuum bags!