June 9, 2021 – 12pm

“Work-Life Harmony: Setting Boundaries to Improve Well-being”

What is work-life harmony? How can we set better boundaries? We’ll explore both of these topics to better understand how to live according to our deepest values, identify ways to protect our priorities, and ensure that we make time for what’s most important to us. 

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Sasha McDowell is the founder of Epicycle Group, which helps working parents and women leaders succeed at work and at home, and partners with the organizations striving to develop and retain themThrough Epicycle, Sasha provides executive and career coaching, runs mastermind groups for entrepreneurs, and works with organizations to retain women leaders and create family-friendly, inclusive work cultures.

Sasha is a seasoned manager and coach whose professional life has been dedicated to social justice and increasing opportunities for underserved groups. Prior to founding Epicycle, she worked at a community-based non-profit, where she managed the youth development department, led teams, and developed out-of-school-time programs. She also worked in the corporate sector, funding non-profits that created meaningful work opportunities for low-income high-school students. Sasha has led the New York office of a national non-profit increasing college access, as well as worked at the New York City Department of Education, working to ensure greater educational access for special populations.

Sasha has also volunteered in numerous roles supporting parents in crisis, mentoring young people, and counseling women who are survivors of domestic violence. Sasha received her BA in women’s studies from Trinity College, and an MPA and MSW from Columbia University.