Once the economy starts to open up there will be a phased-in approach and your business needs to comply.  First you want to evaluate your workspace, since your office staff has been working from home is it feasible to continue the virtual office to save you a tremendous amount of money on rent/mortgage? If your lease is up, you might want to take that in consideration.

Some employees might be fearful to return to work so keep your re-entry plan transparent with your employees.

 Devise a plan for re-entry if you will be bringing back your full staff: 

  • Identify a workplace coordinator who should be trained to be responsible for all COVID-19 issues and their impact at the workplace. Always follow CDC and OHSA guidelines to keep your work area clean and safe for employees.
    • Daily sanitizing of work areas
    • Take employees temperature daily, an employee must be fever-free for two days before returning to work. Taking their temperature is allowed as long as you follow the CDC guidelines and HIPAA laws.
    • Keep a record of your daily cleaning habits (any medical records, temperatures etc. must be kept separate and confidential to adhere to the HIPAA laws)
  • Add a supplement to your employee manual to address your Covid-19 policy
  • Staggered shifts, so all of your staff is not in the office all at once.
  • Rearrange the workstations to keep each employee 6’ apart from each other 

I was on a call today with CIANJ and the colleges on the call all had the same fear… business owners getting sued from employees who contract the virus so ask yourself how many precautions did you take to keep your employees safe? Visit the CDC and OSHA websites frequently to guide you through this process. 


OSHA Guidance for Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

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The information is subject to change as additional Executive Orders are issued or laws are enacted or amended by the Federal and State governments and members should consult with their attorney, accountant or other professional with any questions or concerns.