AMSA Responds to Moving Complaint

Scott Michael, AMSA president and CEO, sent the following letter to the editor of ‘The Hill’ responding to a guest blog post about professional moving companies.

“In response to your article, “Little assistance for victims of moving companies,” the facts and data show that millions of Americans move every year and that the vast majority of professional moves end with happy customers. In fact, consumer complaints have actually declined recently.

According to data from the National Consumer Complaint Database, complaints about household goods moves fell almost 10 percent in 2014 from 2013. There were 2,824 total complaints recorded nationwide, down from 3,131. The Better Business Bureau also showed a drop in complaints against movers, from 7,306 in 2013 to 6,501, an 11 percent decrease.

This, out of an estimated 800,000 interstate moves handled by professional movers each year. And, in cases where claims are filed, 99.99 percent are successfully resolved before arbitration.

Still, any time someone has a bad experience with a mover is one time too many. The good news is that consumers have access to several options that can bring them relief:

  1. The American Moving & Storage Association offers neutral, third-party arbitration for customers of any of the association’s members for an interstate move. Learn more at
  2. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration also offers arbitration options at
  3. Or, go to and call the phone number listed for help.

One of the American Moving & Storage Association’s policy initiatives this year is for the Secretary of Transportation to establish a 24/7 nationwide, toll-free telephone number for consumers who need assistance when their household goods are held hostage by unscrupulous, uncertified movers. The program would leverage private sector resources, such, to respond to consumer complaints that require immediate attention.

As the representative of the moving and storage industry, we believe that everyone who moves is entitled to strong consumer protections. In rare cases where there’s a dispute with a moving company, consumers should be confident they can turn to us or one of these other options for the help they need.”