Best Practices for Holiday Corporate Gifting

It’s no secret that reinforcing relationships with your customers and employees leads to repeat purchases, greater productivity and increases a business’s overall bottom line. Simply put, when employees and customers feel appreciated, they are more likely to stay loyal to your business.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, many companies are starting to think about their corporate gifting and year-end appreciation initiatives. If you have a corporate gifting strategy in place already, then you’re one step ahead! But it can be easy to just fall into the same gifting habits over and over, which may be detrimental and have an adverse effect in the long run.

Below we’ve provided our top three tips for corporate gifting to help adequately convey appreciation this holiday season.

  1. Give recipients what they want

Knowing your audience and staying up to date on today’s hottest trends will ensure you deliver a gift that appropriately conveys appreciation and fuels loyalty. Don’t always give the same gift and stay away from self-promotional items. Instead, show recipients that you understand their wants and needs by giving gifts that are original, useful and fit their individual preferences.

  1. Create a gifting experience

The intent behind corporate gift giving is to demonstrate your appreciation for your customers’ continuing business or your employees’ great performance. You can maximize impact by tying the act of gifting to a specific year-end appreciation event or consider offering in-person rewards events that offer a selection of in-demand gifts across a variety of categories. These interactive rewards events give customers and employees an opportunity to hand-pick the rewards that matter most to them, leaving a lasting impression.

  1. Consider gifting year-round

Although most people immediately think of the holidays when it comes to corporate gifting, there are huge benefits to sending gifts year-round, quarterly or at anniversary time. The benefit of sending small offerings throughout the year is that it helps build strong relationships by showing your customers and employees you appreciate them and are thinking of them regardless of the season.

Ultimately, when it comes to corporate gifting it’s important that companies align with the right partner that can create an atmosphere that will inspire and engage its employees and consumers. As the largest incentive provider in the country, Rymax offers more than 15,000 premium products from over 450 of today’s top brands. Source:  NJBIA