Consumer Advisory Notice

How to Avoid the Pain that So Many Others Have Suffered by Hiring the Wrong Mover

Too many people have been fooled by illegal movers—and they have paid dearly.  The following 5 points will help you avoid making the same mistake. Here’s what to look out for when hiring a mover:

  1. Look out… for movers that aren’t licensed.   If they aren’t licensed, they are operating illegally. Do you really want to give all of your possessions to people who are breaking the law already?  And don’t believe them if they tell you that they’re waiting for their license to be approved.  It’s a lie.
  1. Look out…for movers that don’t do a detailed survey. A mover is required to survey your belongings prior to calculating an estimate, unless YOU waive this requirement.  Never waive this requirement, and never trust a mover who doesn’t do a detailed survey.
  1. Look out…for movers who don’t give you a written estimate in advance. Dishonest movers won’t give you a written estimate and other legal documents in advance… they’ll usually show up on moving day and ask you to sign their documents on the spot.  Don’t fall for this trick.
  1. Look out…for movers who are asking for an upfront deposit. Reputable movers won’t ask you for a big upfront deposit. If a mover is asking you to pay a big deposit ahead of time, don’t do it.  You’ll probably never see them—or your money—again.
  1. Look out…for movers who have very few or no references. Just about anyone can find three people to be references for them.  It’s not unheard of for deceptive movers to use their friends, cousins, aunts and uncles, etc. to be references. 

You are safe using a NJWMA Mover member!