COVID-19 NJWMA Update: 3/23/20
All movers should understand that the Governor’s order that was sent out yesterday stating that movers may continue to operate DOES NOT MEAN business as usual! All movers must still comply with NJ State of Emergency recommendations on COVID-19 as much as possible.

Realize you must protect your employees as much as possible. No employee should work if they are ill, appear sick or have been exposed to anyone diagnosed as positive to the virus. If available, you should provide them with a supply of rubber gloves, masks and antibacterial spray and/or disposable wipes for use in a consumers home, and provide instructions on social distancing and avoiding physical contact with consumers.

All companies should determine if a consumer’s request for services is essential during this emergency. Ask questions. Here are some essential reasons: Movers help a consumer shelter into their own home from storage, a contractual or legal obligation, from domestic violence or another essential situation.

If you decide their move qualifies as ‘essential’, advise them to only have as few people on site, no elderly, sick or very young children during the move.  Avoid cash transactions to limit contact, consider credit card or other means of payment.

 Realize that if an officer or official intervenes while providing services, you must comply. You can show the Governor’s statement and what steps your company has taken to protect employees and consumers, but you should also be prepared to explain to the official why you believe you are performing an essential service, such as listed above.  

These are very unusual times with limited choices and difficult decisions. The main objective of this state of emergency is to prevent the virus from spreading by protecting your family and employees. Providing essential services to customers should only be considered if you have followed all precautions to keep everyone as safe as possible.

We do not know how long this state of emergency will continue, but we hope for the benefit of all our members it will end soon.

 We will update you as new information or advisories on COVID-19 virus becomes available.

Bob Russo and Tracy Denora