Unfortunately I am starting to get calls and emails from members that their crews are getting the virus, for sure one of the downfalls about our industry being “essential”.

If any of your employees test positive, please make sure they stay home and quarantine for at least 14 days. 

  • If you are worried about your other employees contracting it from the infected worker than they will have to quarantine as well. There was a member in South Jersey that was called by their Department of Health notifying them that a shipper they had moved was tested positive and the DOH told the moving company owner that his workers that were exposed to that shipper had to quarantine for 14 days.
  • If you do not have symptoms, testing is not recommended. They can do a self-assessment on the Symptom Tracker which is located on the NJ Covid-19 Information Hub website.
  • If they are showing symptoms than they should get tested. You can find a list of testing sites here. 

Please remember we are not healthcare experts. All of the information reported on healthcare is directly from the covid19.nj.gov website. 

If you haven’t filled out any loan or grant program applications now is the time to do so because more money will become available soon.  BE PROACTIVE!

A package of new initiatives from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority includes a grant program for small businesses, a zero-interest loan program for mid-size companies, support for private-sector lenders and Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), funding for entrepreneurs, and a variety of resources providing technical support and marketplace information. Applications for the various programs are available now or will become available shortly; see each program page for details. To see which of these programs you are eligible for, use the NJ COVID-19 Business Support Eligibility Wizard.

The information is subject to change as additional Executive Orders are issued or laws are enacted or amended by the Federal and State governments and members should consult with their attorney, accountant or other professional with any questions or concerns.