IT’S THE LAW: Before Moving, Check for the Gypsy Moths (GM)

USDA Plant Protection & Quarantine in New Jersey is emailing moving companies in the State of New Jersey in an effort to stop the spread of Gypsy Moth and Spotted lanternfly infestations into non-quarantine states. Both of these pests are known to occur in NJ. Pictures of the Spotted lanternfly and Gypsy Moth along with a GM checklist are below. Please download the two pdf documents below and put on your website and provide copies to all customers renting or leasing moving containers and vehicles. We are trying to help you avoid the costly return of containers with egg masses or adult insects from across the US for treatment. This situation has occurred several times from positive finds at state border inspections in the mid-west and west coast. Return for treatment and making two trips is expensive, time consuming and has caused customer outrage! SLF Flyer GM Checklist