Let’s focus on your employees today…

 It’s a time of craziness and uncertainty; employers need to emphasize more on happiness and morale more than ever. Movers are expected to go out every day on those trucks and act like nothing has changed, they are expected to do their everyday routine when in fact it’s just the opposite, our world as we knew it was turned upside down. Most will have anxiety without you even knowing, they are worried of bringing the germs home to their loved ones but still coming in to work and doing their job. Show them that they are appreciated just by doing some of the following:

  • For any office staff that are working from home have a virtual happy hour
  • For your workers that are coming in every day, give them a gift card so they can bring dinner home for their family
  • Continue to celebrate birthdays or employee milestones just like you would if things were “normal” but make sure you practice social distancing
  • Create a schedule of virtual team meetings to ensure everyone is included on updates and expectations
  • Check in one on one with your employees
  • Operate with higher levels of compassion and kindness

Remember, the economy will be restored and business will bounce back! BE NJWMA STRONG! Stay well and please call me if you need anything 732-341-3934.