What: The MOVE 2 Fight Hunger Challenge is a fun way to turn movement (running, walking, yoga, biking, dancing, etc..) into meals for people in need. All activities will be tracked by atlasGO Charity, an activity and social media app that can be downloaded for free on your mobile device. Participants are able to post selfies and pictures of their activities on the app, and every activity will help us get closer to reaching our goal. Each activity will translate into meals you are able to help provide for those in need!

Goal: Together, we are hoping to MOVE 20,000 miles and provide 50,000 meals to individuals in need during the Challenge.

Challenge Dates: Participant will be MOVING together to provide meals for those in need from June 2nd through July 2nd

Why: The number of people facing food insecurity has skyrocketed as a result of the pandemic – with more than 45 million Americans not knowing where their next meal is coming from. The MOVE 2 Fight Hunger Challenge will help us rise up together to meet the growing need.

Perks: You can receive medals, water bottles, special event t-shirts and participation certificates. You also have an option to register your furry best friends to MOVE with you. Sign Up: Starting Friday May 21st, visit moveforhunger.org/move2fighthunger to sign up. For as little as a $25 donation, you can join the challenge. As an added bonus, our friends at CarsArrive will generously match all donations up to $10,000.