We have been receiving so many calls from members with questions pertaining to the Virus.  The most popular question we are receiving is: “Can we operate in New York?”

Answer: Going into New York is contrary to the Federal advisory, we don’t recommend it as you are exposing your own employees needlessly. See article below from The New York Times.

 The New York Times Article

 Below is a pdf with some best practices for movers.

I also wanted to inform you that our Packing Seminars for April have been postponed. We hope to reschedule soon.  Golf for May 6th is still on….so far 😊  Keep positive!

Please have a good day, if you are home with your family play a game of monopoly and if you are in the office then play a game of solitare on your computer to keep your mind off of the crisis we are going through.

I would also like to give a shout out to our Executive Director Bob Russo….Happy Birthday Big Guy!!!

Best Practices for Movers