One of the benefits of belonging to a strong state moving association, like NJWMA, is the opportunity to gain knowledge from other mover groups throughout the world. For decades, NJWMA members have benefited from partnerships with other moving associations in the US and Canada via our leadership role in the National Council of Moving Associations. The International Association of Movers is one of those associations. Over the years, IAM has provided sponsorship and speakers to our own convention and has been a resource to our staff and members when international or military moving questions arise. In fact, IAM provides free membership to all the other moving associations of the National Council, and thus NJWMA is listed as a member on their website.
Since COVID-19 threw a monkey wrench in many of the best laid moving industry conference plans for this year, the International Association of Movers is going completely virtual with their annual conference … and they have invited YOU to participate, too, at their member prices, even if you are not an IAM member.

Here’s a link to IAM virtual conference site.  Even if you don’t know if you’ll ever consider international moving services, the IAM program speakers and workshops and virtual exhibit hall of vendors can provide you with valuable insights and knowledge, all from the comfort of your home or office — and at a bargain price!

All business grows by building relationships.  You never know when one of your customers will ask your expert opinion about an international move or a referral to a reliable resource.  Here’s your chance to become that expert. Check it out!

A video message about the conference from IAM President Charles White.

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