Today I want to talk about donating, paying it forward, being generous, loving or however you want to perceive it ?

If you haven’t already noticed our members are extremely generous and community driven, we have members that are passionate about charities and personal causes…they have missions! During times like these one sure thing to make you feel better is knowing you are making a difference!  We can all make a difference so please find some time to click on the links below and make it mean something!

Each one of these organizations are near and dear to some of our members so let’s support each other and make it near and dear to OUR hearts. #strengthisunity #njwmastrong #njmovers

  1. Donating Blood: Donations are essential for trauma patients and people undergoing a variety of situations, including surgeries, transplants, chronic illnesses, blood disorders and cancer. Because over 90% of people who are eligible to donatedo not. There’s always a need for donors.  Tara Knight, owner of Sett Movers is on a mission in life to give as much blood as she can. Her employees also donate blood on a regular basis.  Here is a link she shared with me today and you can always reach out to Tara if you would like to join her mission. Tara Knight 877-690-7388 or
  1. Move For Hunger: The COVID-19 Pandemic is having a massive economic impact and is drastically increasing the need for emergency food assistance nationwide. Move For Hunger are actively searching for ways to meet the demand, but they need your help. Contact Adam Lowy or click on this link to donate:
  1. KCCure: The Kidney Cancer Research Alliance (KCCure) is a grassroots organization of patients, caregivers, doctors and medical researchers dedicated to eliminating suffering and death due to kidney cancer through increased funding to accelerate research that will lead to a cure for all patients and prevent future kidney cancer diagnoses. To help make a difference you can donate at or contact Karen Mantzouranis, Main Street Movers, Tel: 973-732-3700 or


Have a wonderful day and please stay well because WE NEED EACHOTHER!