Relocating Your Family

Relocating your family can be exciting, but also stressful. Every family that moves experiences some loss, sadness, and apprehension. Use these pointers so your kids will feel at home faster.

Prepare Them

Several experts say how you handle the time leading up to the move has a big impact on how easily your kids adapt. Don’t focus on what will be different, focus more on what will be the same i.e., furniture, clothes and most importantly their toys.

Understand their fear

Even if your children are excited about the move, it is still difficult especially if they are moving away from someone they love. All children accept things at their own pace. Most experts estimate that it takes at least six months for kids to fully acclimate to their new life.

Set the right example

Your kids look to you, so be positive. Negativity rubs off on them, so watch what you say about your new home. Highlight all the good things about your new home so your kids will see them too.

Stay on schedule

Maintain as many of your old routines as possible. Provide as much familiarity as possible: maintaining the same daily routines in the same order as often as you can.

Let them decide

Let your children make some of the decisions especially about the layout and look of their bedrooms. If shopping for new bedding, window treatments ask them to weigh in.

Get to know neighbors

Throw a housewarming party or reach out to your Facebook friends and see if your connections are also connected to a new neighbor. Make friends with other moms by arriving a little earlier to events/school. It gives you an opportunity to start conversations; volunteer to be a room parent or work the concession stand at the little league field.

Practice social skills

Have kids practice how to start a conversation. If other kids are playing soccer teach your child to play. Let them know that wherever they go they will make friends but that it may take a little time. Remind them of past experiences when they easily made friends. It will give them the confidence to try.

Remember nothing worth happening happens overnight. Be patient and you will “feel at home” in now time.