After the Christmas season instead of residents throwing out their Christmas trees to the curb, Island Beach State Park (IBSP) collected freshly discarded Christmas trees for the improvement and health of their dune system. 

What better way to deliver them? By a mover! 

Tara and Steven Knight, Sett Movers, Bayville, NJ got wind of the IBSP Christmas tree recycling program and wanted to be involved.  In an effort to help out, they opened up their yard for people to drop off their trees and they also had their crew drive around to pick them up curbside from Forked River to Beachwood. The response was overwhelming! 

They loaded two full trucks and were on their way to delivery, once IBSP couldn’t handle any more trees, the rest were delivered to Popcorn Park Zoo, Jakes Branch Park and Wells Mills Park. 

“I think it could prove to be a nice annual event for more NJWMA movers to get involved. It’s a good way for movers to come together and do a good deed for the community and our environment. It’s right around our slow season and good filler work for the guys. I started by only wanting to get drop offs, but people were requesting pick-ups, so I put together a total of four days where one crew touched nothing but Christmas trees.” says Tara Knight, co-owner of Sett Movers.