Currently, the State has 8 counties under spotted lanternfly (SLF) quarantine.  Other states are looking to require permits and inspections of goods leaving NJ in the near future to prevent SLF establishing in their state.  I would like to get our members prepared before they encounter any foreseeable problems.   By being proactive through education and permit compliance we can control the narrative of this insect.


The Spotted Lanternfly (SLF), Lycorma delicatula, is an invasive planthopper native to China, India, and Vietnam, it has also recently established in South Korea, Japan and the US.  It was first discovered in Pennsylvania in Berks County In 2014 and has spread to other counties in PA as well as the states of NJ, DE, MD, VA and WV.  This insect has the potential to greatly impact agricultural crops such as grapes, hops, and hardwood trees.  It is also reducing the quality of life for people living in heavily infested areas.

SLF Permits

Compliance with quarantine regulations: Primary tools to demonstrate that individuals, organizations, and businesses comply with the quarantine are described in this order:

  1. For residents, compliance can be demonstrated through use of a Compliance Checklist.
  2. For businesses, agencies, and organizations, a Spotted Lanternfly permit is required for those located or working within the quarantine, which moves vehicles, products or other conveyances within or out of the quarantine or state.

Businesses also play an important role.  Business owners should incorporate pest management into their vegetation management plans and work to minimize the possibility of this insect hitching a ride on products they produce and ship.  Businesses that ship products within and out of the quarantine zone are required to have or hire companies who have a Spotted Lanternfly Permit.

This insect is easily moved if no one is looking, they are incredible hitchhikers.  If you are in the quarantine area, please “Look Before You Leave”.   Inspecting your vehicles, trailers, or any outdoor items before you move around or out of the quarantine is important.  If possible, don’t park in tree lines and keep windows rolled up when you park your vehicle.  Know the life stages of the insect and when to look for them.*

Spotted Lanternfly permits are reciprocally recognized between states.

The quarantine may be expanded to new areas as further detections of the Spotted Lanternfly are confirmed.

Copies of original permit must accompany all permit holder vehicles (owned or hired) for compliance.

Unless in possession of a SLF permit, the quarantine restricts the movement of certain articles intrastate and interstate.  Industries and regulated articles under the quarantine that are not to be removed/moved to a new area are:

  • Any living stage of the Spotted Lanternfly, Lycorma delicatula, including egg masses, nymphs, and adults *** Cannot be moved under any circumstance***
  • Brush, debris, bark, or yard waste
  • Landscaping, remodeling or construction waste
  • Logs, stumps, or any tree parts
  • Firewood of any species
  • Grapevines for decorative purposes or as nursery stock
  • Nursery stock
  • Crated materials
  • Outdoor household articles including recreational vehicles, lawn tractors and mowers, mower decks, grills, grill and furniture covers, tarps, mobile homes, tile, stone, deck boards, mobile fire pits, any associated equipment and trucks or vehicles not stored indoors.

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* Spotted Lanternfly Stages and Trees Where It Can Be Found